RULE No. 27

No woman ever made history after ordering a Bahama Mama.

In celebration of Bourbon Heritage Month, I had the absolute privilege of attending two Bourbon Social’s at St. John’s Meeting Place and Bar. I mean, trying great whiskey AND being able to talk about how great the whiskey is with other like-minded whiskey lovers? Sign me up!  The Meeting Place most certainly did not disappoint their guest, treating us to quite the collection of libations including some rarities from Woodford Reserve and Jim Beam as well as some hard to find (for me) Colorado whiskeys. My tastebuds left happy and my heart warm. Here’s a look at all that was … Continue reading

When I first fell in love with whiskey, it was while I was falling in love with a man. The two seemed, at the time, inseparable. They were both adult and refined, but slightly caustic. They provided a burn down to your core, and it was at once satisfying and that left you reeling. Both drink and person seemed intensely masculine. There was a sense of history to them, a connection to artists and poets and the stuff of bardic legends. He knew about literature and music, and we drank whiskey while discussing these things. In winter he wore thick … Continue reading

“Good friends, good booze, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.” –Mark Twain, Kind of.  For five days in late August, I had the opportunity to attend Camp Runamok and meet and mingle with 120 of the best bartenders from around the globe. Now when I say ‘best bartenders from around the globe,’ I truly mean these people were some of the best you can find in the field; we’re talking about seasoned industry professionals, masters of our craft, and genuinely talented people. The opportunity alone was enough to make my heart swell with appreciation, excitement, love, and … Continue reading

Around this time of the year, when the heat is relentless, and the humidity seemingly unbearable, I find myself returning to a cocktail that I hold dear to my heart. A truly refreshing and delicious drink that, for many reasons, is misunderstood by the masses—the Sour. I love all sours: gin sour, tequila sour, even a vodka sour on a miserably hot day. But today, I’m returning to the prize of them all: the Whiskey Sour. And not the kind, I shudder to think, made from that radioactive, unrefrigerated evil that many people found themselves drinking out of their parent’s … Continue reading