RULE No. 27

No woman ever made history after ordering a Bahama Mama.

Despite how much I love whiskey, I rarely stock it at my house. I like to save it for special occasions— nights out with friends, in birthday sazeracs, for celebratory libations, and of course for the holidays. From a glug of Evan Williams in my gas station eggnog to my immediate family’s bizarre, endearing tradition of lighting candles for our deceased relatives and putting a shot of whiskey by each on the mantle, Christmas certainly gets its fair share of whiskey appreciation. So does New Years, with its flutes of champagne, each topped off with a little bourbon, a drink … Continue reading

 One of the best parts about The Whiskey Women is meeting and connecting with so many incredible, amazing, like-minded woman from across the world. Eimear Kelleher is one of those amazing ladies. A Dublin raised, Brooklyn based lover of whiskey, Eimear holds the coveted role of Brand Ambassador for Tullamore D.E.W. Her passion for her job, her brand, Irish whiskey, whiskey and woman, and curing breast cancer ooze out of her. But don’t take my word for it, read on! Let’s start with the basics, how did you get into drinking whiskey? I’m not going to lie and say I’ve … Continue reading

In celebration of Bourbon Heritage Month, I had the absolute privilege of attending two Bourbon Social’s at St. John’s Meeting Place and Bar. I mean, trying great whiskey AND being able to talk about how great the whiskey is with other like-minded whiskey lovers? Sign me up!  The Meeting Place most certainly did not disappoint their guest, treating us to quite the collection of libations including some rarities from Woodford Reserve and Jim Beam as well as some hard to find (for me) Colorado whiskeys. My tastebuds left happy and my heart warm. Here’s a look at all that was … Continue reading

When I first fell in love with whiskey, it was while I was falling in love with a man. The two seemed, at the time, inseparable. They were both adult and refined, but slightly caustic. They provided a burn down to your core, and it was at once satisfying and that left you reeling. Both drink and person seemed intensely masculine. There was a sense of history to them, a connection to artists and poets and the stuff of bardic legends. He knew about literature and music, and we drank whiskey while discussing these things. In winter he wore thick … Continue reading