Imagine a world where you can buy a mediocre bottle of whiskey and turn it into a fine bottle of beautifully golden liquid that taste as if it has been aging for several years in a warehouse in the middle of Kentucky. A world where you can flush out all of the extra impurities in your bourbon, totally changing the makeup of your drink. Well, that world has arrived thanks to the folks at Time&Oak.

It all started a couple of years back when they found themselves in the middle of the bourbon aisle asking themselves, ‘what’s the difference between top shelf and well whiskey?’. The answer was simple: Time&Oak. Realizing that the traditional aging process of barrels may not be the best way to achieve desired results when it comes to whiskey, they set out on finding a better solution. Thus, Whiskey Elements were born.

Whiskey Elements are small sticks of oak that allow you to enhance, alter, and customize your favorite whiskey in a matter of days. The logic lies in a process that they like to call “accelerated transpiration through capillary action”. What does that mean? It means that they put the barrel into the whiskey which accelerates the process considerably, and their perfectly designed sticks provide a shorter distance for the whiskey to travel through repetitive exposure to the capillaries by cutting them horizontally which shortens the time it takes to color and flavor the whiskey. In theory, this means that you should have a stronger, more flavorful, and deeper colored whiskey than before.

But does it actually work?

Curious myself, I decided to try out their Signature Whiskey Elements in a bottle of Jim Beam White Label. The Signature Elements are suppose to smooth your whiskey while adding essential barrel-aged flavors within 24 hours. As such, I poured my bottle of Jim Beam into one of my favorite decanters and dropped one stick in the bottle to see what would happen. I must say, I was delightfully impressed.

I left the Whiskey Elements in the decanter for 48 hours, as that was how much time was suggested I leave them in for. Though, I should note here that I did see a difference in 24 hours, it just wasn’t as intense as the full 48 hours. At the end of the 48 hours I was left with a beautifully golden amber whiskey compared to the very light whiskey that initially went into the decanter.

The nose had heavy notes of wood, but still brought a big sting to the nostrils. The Whiskey Elements definitely mellowed out some of the harshness and imparted a more woodier flavor that I really enjoyed. However, I still got a pretty heated burn at the back of the throat that lingered for a bit. All in all, did it make the Jim Beam taste better? Absolutely. It’s much more sippable than before and I enjoyed the additional oak flavor that they brought to the table.

Are they worth buying?

For sure! It was fun to experiment with and it creates a stronger connection and bond to your whiskey. Looking back, I would probably keep the Whiskey Elements in for a couple of more days (they can stay put for up to 3 weeks) and try putting them in a nicer, more mid-level whiskey. The guys at Time&Oak suggest putting them in Jack Daniels, Crown Royal, or Bulleit Bourbon.

I think the real fun lies in what you can do outside of just aging whiskey for longer. I would be curious to see how these puppies do in a cocktail, such as the Old Fashioned or Boulevardier for a couple of days. We may just have to experiment with that a later date. The possibilities are endless!

Ready to try them yourself?

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Other Stuff You Should Know

-Time&Oak has three different types of Whiskey Elements; Smoke, Wine Cask, and Signature.
-Place one stick in a 5th of whiskey, or two sticks in a half gallon.
-You need to agitate the bottle every now and then while they are in the bottle.
-Two Whiskey Element Sticks will run you $14.00
-Learn more about Time&Oak by visiting