The modern world prefers to focus only on positive things, while totally ignoring the negative ones. Yep, everyone can order any goods from the comfort of their room, and there is no need to go out in the shop. That seems good, but at the same time, we are struggling from the problems connected with immobility. The internet gave us a possibility to speak with people from every corner of the world, but most of us either prefer to stick with the people whom we know personally or adding anyone, which doesn't create high quality connections. The internet has a great impact on our romantic life as well. Now we have a possibility to find a Ukrainian bride, instead of marrying someone who lives near you. Sounds great, but at the same time we struggle when we need to socialize with those who are around us in the offline world. So, let's figure out how exactly technology negatively impact our relations.

Chatting is not talking

If you've been to offline dates with those whom you were chatting with for a few months, you know that quite often the person who seems to be the people person online is utterly boring offline. You may have the most interesting conversations while chatting online, but your first offline date is filled with uncomfortable silence. This is all because you must realize that chatting is not talking. No matter how great your relations are online, you may have no connection in your offline conversations. With being able to socialize offline, finding a partner online is worthless, as, in this case, what starts online stays online.

Multitude choice

The multitude choice that is given by online dating services help to get a russian girl. Online dating sites are creating an illusion that you can date whomever you want. And whenever you find this or that prospective partner unsuitable for the perfect picture of a couple that you created in your head, you will switch to someone else. While it may seem quite suggestive, you get spoiled with that illusion, as you stop valuing your date-mates. You start judging about people based on the very first glance. You may believe in the love at first sight, but sometimes it takes time to figure out whether you fit each other. Thus, multitude choice can lead to your perfect match passing by unnoticed for you.

Offline dates become irrelevant for you

The idea of doing something from the comfort of your home is quite suggestive. Unfortunately, sometimes it leads to you having no desire to go out. You may start breaking up with your online dates as soon, as they try to offer you to arrange the first offline meeting. It doesn’t matter whether you feel ok with this or not, there is no way for you to develop your internet romances if you act like that.

 All above-mentioned may have caused you to believe that the internet's negative impact is far worse than its positive one. But you can’t blame the internet. The only person who is responsible for this is you. You are completely ok if you use the internet to communicate with other people and want to find a partner there. Your big problems arise as soon as your offline life begin to substitute your real world activities.