According to statistics, 80% of people somehow are affected by uncertainty. However, assuredness is what allows people feel self-assured. Our success depends and is determined by it. To become confident, we must know what we really worth. Self-evaluation crates your goals, values, attitude to life and those why are around you. It is very essential when it goes to dating Russian brides online. Therefore, high self-confidence is not about narcissism or arrogance, it shows your strict requirements to yourself, due to great ambitions. Accordingly, if you targeting for better life and happy relationship, then you must stay active to advance it.

What is self-confidence?

It reflects human emotional conditions, including beliefs how people see each other, the importance of your personality, estimation of your own feelings, virtues and weaknesses. In short, self-worth is an attitude towards yourself, your perspectives and qualities. So, self-respect differs a bit from the concept of confident behavior. The latter is impermanent and, unlike the first one, can vary depending on the situation. While having a high self-esteem, you may behave confidently on a date with a pretty girl, but you feel embarrassed during a public speaking. Or, on the contrary, you feel confident in a certain area due to your skills, for example in sports, but you shy away from a new acquaintance.

Where does low self-assurance come from?

This question is rather complicated since it affects the external factors influencing a person, each of which directly or indirectly can effect self-esteem. Psychologists claim that there is a connection between the reasons for low self-rating and a difficult childhood. When a child grows up in an atmosphere of oppression, criticism and neglect, they may face a corresponding problem with age.

The situation can be precisely the opposite when a child often hears praise and approval. When such children become older, their self-worth will be higher. Another reason for this problem may lie in any actions associated with severe traumatic experiences. For example, a beautiful girl once had said an unpleasant thing to a guy, and this influenced the attitude towards himself. This also includes the experience of failure when achieving any goal. A serious failure can greatly damage the self-appraisal and thus you won’t want to try again. A vital role in building self-respect is played by the cultural context expressed through advertising, media or art. It sets conditional standards of beauty and success, and if a person doesn’t meet the certain requirements, they can feel stripped of the necessary qualities to achieve goals.

How to increase self-concept?

Your self-image, in fact, can be determined by the gap between what you actually reached and what you want to accomplish. The paradox is that the environment and people affect the self-worth to a greater extent, but it can be changed only by internal psychological processes. This is not the simplest task, but it is the main one because it can bring the result you are striving for. Here you can find a couple of basic tips. Use them if you want to deal with your problems.

1. Find the root cause.

The root causes of low self-assurance have already been mentioned above. As a rule, these are external factors, that came from the past. And having determined which life episode influenced the further perception of yourself, you should realize its meaninglessness today. The valuation of the situation is formed on the basis of psychological perception; it differs with age. Therefore, the way how you judge own actions and lifestyle could be based on the emotional perception of the problem that affected it instead of the reliable data. You should reconsider the attitude towards this situation and see its unimportance with time. Visit a psychologist, he or she will be able to detect and eradicate the root cause of your low self-respect.

2. Find out how others see you.

This method is quite easy, and it needs just a little imagination. Surely, there is someone who loves you strongly and unconditionally, it can be your soulmate or just a close friend. This person has surely good reasons for their love. So, try to be in his or her shoes for a while and look at yourself from another side. You will see the good sides of your nature. Making sure that there are extra virtues and you had no idea how many of those you possessed. Everyone should work further towards increasing their self-esteem.

3. Start trying harder.

High self-assurance cannot but have a solid foundation. It includes all successes and actions, leading to self-development or improvement of the quality of life. Do not stand still, be mobile and do everything possible to become better. Working with your personality, increasing attainments and achieving goals is the ground for a sound self-esteem. Even if everything does not always go smoothly, the understanding that you’ve done everything possible won’t allow you to regret or feel guilty

4. Do what allows you to feel happy and satisfied.

Frequently, humans engage in doings that are not of their interest, which means that it doesn’t bring so desired satisfaction and result. It makes a soul experience hopelessness, melancholy and a feeling of emptiness. Everyone should do their best to deal with this situation dramatically and devote yourself to the activity, which arouses the interest and gives the impulse for further development. By engaging in what satisfies your mind and emotions as well as brings an encouraging result, you will be able to feel countless pleasure and satisfaction.

5. Be true to yourself.

Another reason is that you understand what your worth in a very insufficient way. In some cases, you lack confidence due to your insufficient level of your own worth and value. People spend so much time fitting into the existing trends, and as the result, they do not pay attention to their own abilities. Identify your strengths, reveal your passion and desire, realize your goals and ways to realize them. Then there are no reasons to consider yourself a weak link, and you are going to be ready to fully use your potential.

6. Accept yourself.

Embrace your person. If you strive to become a better person you still need to understand It is impossible to please everybody, and no one truly interesting is universally liked. Don’t forget that your fails are the bricks on the road to success. Focus on achieving your goals, be active, and soon the feeling of satisfaction will come, because you’ve done everything possible. Ultimately, it will soon bear fruit, which will make you see your strength. This is going to alternate the attitude to your personality.