As whiskey women we have a lot of responsibilities. One of which is the necessity to learn the know-how of throwing a badass party.

I don’t want to write off any part of party planning as easy, but sometimes planning a party for the masses can be daunting. Especially if boozing up all of the guests falls to you.

You can batch out cocktails (we’ll talk more about this another time), have a DIY bar, or keep it simple with a big ole bottle of whiskey and plenty of tea cups, but sometimes you feel the need to get fancy.

What a better way to dress up your drink table than with a beautiful bowl of punch?

Believe it or not, punch is older than the “cocktail”, and was supposedly discovered in India in the 16th century. The word “punch” comes from the Hindu word, “panch” meaning “five.” The five refers to the list of ingredients necessary to compose a punch: spirit, sweet, sour, weak, bitter. As with all tales in the realm of drinking, this is just one of many stories passed down, but is arguably the most common and quite frankly, logical.

All of that being said, punch has been the go-to party beverage for centuries, and why fix what isn’t broken? The great thing about punch is that you can prepare and refresh throughout a party without getting your panties in a twist. Prepare ahead of time and the rest is easy. You can also make it in great volume as they do at the annual Pig & Punch party during Tales of the Cocktail. To see how much is made, check out this video. If you’re looking to learn all the in’s and out’s of punch, look to none other than cocktail historian Dave Wondrich. He passes along his knowledge in his book, Punch and in Professor Cocktail’s blog.

Check out my favorite Champagne Whiskey Punch recipe. Easy and delicious!