My First Time: Indian Food
written by Laura Kelton

It’s not often that I get to have someone else walk me through a dining experience for the first time. But as I sit here, chowing down on some Vegetable Thali leftovers from last night, I can hardly contain my gratitude to Ashley for suggesting we meet over Indian last week.

Yes, last week was my first experience with Indian food. And yes, I ordered the same thing we got last week to go because I couldn’t help but salivate every time I thought about that crack bread… I mean Naan, and get this – delicious vegetarian food. I promise to branch out (and by that I mean conquer that whole menu) eventually. Honestly, I could kick myself for not having walked the two blocks from my work to try this before now.

Also, having Ashley as my guide was a blast. Like I said, I rarely get to be on the other side having someone order for me or push me to try new things, but damn, girl did good. Vegetable Thali followed by Rice Pudding and Fried Cheese (which we folded into the cool pudding), hello heaven!

I promise we got some work done amidst the chowing down. But I will say, the one thing that was missing from dinner was a great glass of whiskey.

My suggestion when pairing a whiskey with Indian would be to steer clear of ryes or white whiskeys – they can’t stand up to the heat. Instead, look for an aged bourbon, something wheated like Weller will give a great sweetness to balance the eye-opening spice of the dish.

Happy Exploring!