As Whiskey Women, we owe a lot to our fathers for making sure that we aged, and continue to age, as gracefully as our whiskey does.

Even though we should always show our love and affection to them for guiding us to the path of a Whiskey Woman, Father’s Day is a great time to truly demonstrate how grateful we are. And let’s be real, what better way to do that than through a nice bottle of whiskey?

I met up with Josh Carter; a father for the past 11 years to four great kids, part owner of St. John’s Restaurant, Whiskey Drinker since the age of 22, and total badass. This man knows whiskey. I asked him what his top 10 picks for Father’s Day would be and I am so happy that I did- I haven’t seen a list of whiskey this beautifully curated in years.

Without further aideu- Josh’s Top 10 Whiskey Picks for Father’s Day
(in no particular order)

Blanton’s. It’s my go to, always. The flavors present are incredibly balanced making the whiskey complex, yet smooth. It’s not too expensive, yet it cost enough to make it feel special every time you drink it.

Pappy Van Winkle 20 year. Obviously, there had to be at least one and the 20 year is my favorite in the Pappy line. It’s more refined than the 15 year and you don’t need a loan to buy it like the 23 year which is almost double the price. Double the price but not really double the quality. I always tell whiskey shoppers to buy any Rip Van Winkle or Pappy Van Winkle whenever you lay your eyes on one; if you don’t, you may never get another chance.

Chattanooga Whiskey Cask. I like supporting local products and Chattanooga Whiskey makes it easy to do so. This version of Chattanooga Whiskey gives you more to sit back and think about while sipping.

Sazerac. It’s the first whiskey I think of when I’m in the mood for Rye. Thomas H Handy or Sazerac 18 year are the harder to find, related brands that are definitely worth splurging on for a special occasion. However, they may call for some luck to stumble upon and if you do- take advantage of that.

Noah’s Mill. It’s interesting, affordable, and a good change of pace from my other small batch favorites.

Basil Hayden’s. This one holds a bit of nostalgia for me as it was the first small batch Whiskey I ever tried. I still sip on this old favorite from time to time.

George T Stagg. You gotta hold on for the ride with this one as it will most certainly put some hair on your chest. Which is good for some of us and just plain awkward for others. It’s pretty damn’ bold and edgy- just about everyone will eventually put a cube in this guy.

Ezra B Small Batch 12 year. This whiskey is very sturdy, not too rough around the edges and its most of all findable and affordable.

Eagle Rare 17 year. If there is such a thing as too smooth than this might be it. Eagle Rare is already pretty smooth but the 17 year is unworldly. It’s weighty, spicy, and maybe the most silkiest small batch whiskey I have ever had.

The Colonel E H Taylor Line. This line has a good amount of interesting whiskeys. The story behind the Tornado Survivor will draw you in but the whiskey will keep you there. It’s complex, rich, and balanced. These barrels survived a tornado that ripped through the grounds of the distillery. I am so thankful they did.
Josh poured a glass of the Tornado Survivor for Laura and I and we can attest- Josh isn’t lying; this whiskey is incredible!

So there you have it, Whiskey Women. 10 of the best whiskies out there that any father would be happy to receive this weekend (or any day of the year, really). Be sure to deliver it in person and have him pour you a glass.

Here’s to our dad’s, and all of the father’s out there, empowering their little girls to drink whiskey and conquer the world- Cheers!