If there is something that people in the service industry know how to do- it is throw a party.

Helping people have a good time is what we do for a living, and sometimes we get to step on the other side and be the ones getting spoiled.

For some of us, the line between “working” and getting a chance to enjoy our evening off are next to non-existent. Welcome to the bar industry. We provide great beverages as a career, and as a result we get to hang out with the people who create or provide us libations, which usually also includes tasty libations. Work? Yes. Tough? Sometimes.

Recently I got to enjoy one of the perks of my job and attend a portfolio tasting – specifically an entire whiskey portfolio. Three stories of whiskey madness in downtown Nashville? I’m in!

Believe it or not, walking into a building full of whiskey can be a little daunting. Where is the first place you should go to in that room? Where ever the water is. Not for your whiskey, but for your body’s sake. The key to kicking ass and taking names at a portfolio tasting is to out drink yourself in water. Not only do you want to remember the tasting notes from the last 20 whiskies you will try, but you’re also shaking hands with some of the best in the business, distillers, restaurant owners and distributors alike. Have to keep it ladylike.

What did I find on the first floor? Local distillers like Prichard’s and Whisper Creek (thanks for the Whisper Whackers y’all!), old favorites like Eagle Rare and Buffalo Trace, and new finds like Charbay hopped whiskey, and Leviathan Single Malt.

What a turnout!

The second floor dedicated itself to Angel’s Envy and the most elegant ladies room I’ve seen in a while. Angel’s Envy’s recently released rye; it was there to taste and damn – it nearly stole the show.

Seriously, that view.

The third floor was home to the entire Jim Beam line, including their Masterpiece, valued at $200. Being that it is Nashville – the night wouldn’t be complete without some fabulous musicians on the rooftop.  I think I burned off all of my taste buds, but it was well worth it.

Stay tuned for reviews on some delicious products I got to try while there. Rye week is almost upon us!