It’s time to enter into the era of The Whiskey Women.

An era that breaks free from the paradigm that sets men and whiskey together and sets a new standard for women everywhere.

It is time for us, as women, to come together to connect, share, and discover all things whiskey. It is time to give into our senses, unleash our curious nature, and explore the true Whiskey Woman in each of us. Let us redefine the norm that has been handed to us by men and, most importantly, change the world for women and whiskey.

So, if you are a little daring, incredibly intelligent, cunningly creative, hopelessly witty, or relentlessly progressive, we will look for you among our ranks. We need you, the unapologetic bad-asses, to help us revolutionize a culture. A culture in which whiskey and women reign supreme.

Welcome to the realm of The Whiskey Women.

Chief Whiskey Woman
“No woman ever made history after ordering a Bahama Mama.”
The Brunch Bitch
“There are no good girls gone wrong- just bad girls found out.”
The Village Voice
“Whatever a lady likes is ladylike.”
Whiskey Witch
“Never be ashamed of what’s on your mind, or in your glass.”
The Rule Breaker
“Preserve some mystery, but never hide who you are.”
The Trendsetter
“Whiskey women don’t entertain presidents. Presidents entertain them.”
Mark Maker
“Raise your glass, and your voice, when appropriate.”

The Whiskey Women was created to be an inspiring and informative place providing you with everything you need to know about whiskey, cocktails, and life in general. As you navigate our site we hope you will dwell, linger, contemplate, learn, laugh, and find yourself ready to go out there and be the Whiskey Woman we all know you are.

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