“Life is hard. But the new Whiskey Women website makes everything better.” -Katherine Hepburn, kind of.

Welcome to the new Whiskey Women site! We have been hard at work improving functions and layouts to give you a site that is easier to use and navigate, making the content you care about most easier to find. Though we know you are more than capable of exploring and discovering this new site on your own, there a couple of new additions that we wanted to give you a heads up on.

First, we have recently become certified affiliates with Amazon. What does that mean? It means every time you come across something you love on the website and click to Amazon to buy it, Amazon will give us a small percentage of the purchase. As such, just by buying that really cool Mason Shaker that you have totally had your eye on, you will be supporting The Whiskey Women website and as such, playing a role in spreading the awareness that more women need to be drinking whiskey— go you!

Hopefully at this point you’re thinking, “Wow! That’s really awesome. I wish everything I bought on Amazon could go towards supporting The Whiskey Women. I want to be apart of empowering more women to drink whiskey and kick ass.” Well, you are in luck! By simply clicking here, and installing our widget on to your Google Chrome browser, every single purchase you make on Amazon will go towards putting more whiskey in more glasses. The best part? It takes 5 seconds.

Moving right along, we have added tags to every post to make searching certain ingredients, specific topics, and related articles a whole lot easier. Even though I have always hated the idea of tags, I have to admit that it is going to make things smoother when searching certain cocktail recipes using very specific ingredients and other things of that nature. As our website continues to grow and as articles get posted every day, I hope these tags make the process of finding what you need easy and simple.

Last but not least, I want to open the floor up to you, dear Whiskey Woman, for you are the sole reason why we do any of this. The Whiskey Women was created to bring like-minded people together to learn about whiskey, share knowledge and experiences, and find new favorite libations. As such, please let us know if you have suggestions, ideas, certain topics or spirits that you want to learn more about, people and places that you want more insight into, anything at all. We are here for you. Drop a line any time, ashley@thewhiskeywomen.com; I would truly love to hear from every single one of you.

Until next time, happy exploring!

“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that The Whiskey Women will always have your back”. -Audrey Heburn, kind of.

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Ashley is the Editor + Founder of The Whiskey Women. She enjoys nightcaps, creating new cocktails, and connecting ladies to new libations, new ideas, and maybe even their new best friend. When she’s not gushing over all things whiskey, you can find her teaching yoga, watching Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, or cuddling with her cat, Charles Wallace. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter, @ashleyedanford.