My friends, I bid you adieu for the next four days to romp around raunchy New Orleans with thousands of other folks in the industry for Tales of the Cocktail. Now, being in July every year, I have hunted down some of the best beauty products for aesthetic and physical stamina.

1. Urban Decay’s All Nighter Make-up Setting Spray

I (or at least my make up) would be at a loss without this Godsend. Lightweight and not sticky in the least, this light mist will keep your face fresh and dewy all day. While not a waterproofing spray, it can still stand up to the thick wave of humidity you hit after crossing the Louisiana state line.


2. Make up Forever Aqua Seal

Speaking of water-proofing, I know I’ll find myself holed up by the pool for a day or two and with rain in the forecast it’s always a bother to buy all new waterproof make up. Fortunately, this liquid can transform any powder or cream make up to a waterproof format. It’s tricky to use at first, but absolutely worth the effort. Bye-bye raccoon eyes.


3. Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunscreen

Leave it to the ginger to find out which sunscreen products do and do not work as advertised. As I’ve said, the dense tropical rainforest, I mean New Orleans, seems to have a cloud of moisture that hovers over you at all times. For those fair-skinned few, this is the damnation of trying to keep SPF applied at all times. Luckily Neutrogena recently released a sunscreen product that will adhere to wet skin. Hallelujah I can leave the aloe vera at home.

Stay safe and beautiful on all your muggy whiskey adventures this summer!
If you can’t take the heat, drop a cube in it.