It’s a written Whiskey Rule: A Whiskey Woman never turns down a good challenge or an incredible opportunity. 

So, when we were presented with the opportunity to move and shake the world of The Whiskey Women at The Company Lab’s 48 Hour Launch we, as Whiskey Women, obviously said, “hell yes!�

What is 48 Hour Launch? It’s this crazy time when a bunch of badass people come together to make shit happen. We saw potential in The Whiskey Women, we envisioned what it could be, and we were determined not to stop until we saw those visions become a reality.

Even more importantly, many remarkably talented people decided to dedicate their entire weekends to helping us make our dreams a reality, and that alone is terrific! Our mission for 48 hours (that’s one weekend!) was extraordinary: to completely develop and re-launch The Whiskey Women.

So what did the weekend look like? It was pretty freaking crazy. Filled with a never ending cup of coffee, clearing four bottles of whiskey- Cask strength, obviously- stacks on stacks of delicious snacks, approximately 5 hours of sleep, and a whole lot of collaboration. Oh, and there was that time at 1:00 a.m. when a lost masquerader flashed us. We’re still not sure if it was the sleep deprivation, too much whiskey (ha, as if!) or if it actually happened, but we saw it. The whole lot of us.

Who did that lot include? A solid team of seven people kicking ass and taking names throughout the weekend. Working on design, web development, copy, photography- you name it, we probably did it! Seriously, the amount of talent and collaboration is still astounding. Luckily our recruits were all almost as crazy as we were, and it led to some great personal and professional friendships.

The end result? Well, you’re looking at it! The Whiskey Women website. A place for women to come, dwell, explore, and get connected.

Because really, name a better way to connect with not only yourself, but with other badass women across the world, than over Whiskey?

Let’s face it, our journey is far from over (we hope it never will be) and we couldn’t have made it without 48 Hour Launch. A huge thanks to The Company Lab for hosting, and even bigger thanks to our crazy talented team of creatives.

Without further adieu, we give you The Whiskey Women. Enjoy!