Tasting Whiskey
written by Rachel McCrickard

Seriously, how many wine tastings have you been to, ladies?  A lot, right?  Like, a ton.  And wine is good.  I like wine. But a lot of ladies, who love their wine, have yet to unlock the power and wonder of whiskey. It’s time to change this! We, The Whiskey Women, hereby declare that your next big event should be…

A badass whiskey tasting.

“But, the last time I drank whiskey I flashed an entire room full of people whilst wearing a Mardi Gras mask,” you say?
[Editor’s Note: This actually happened! We were all in a late night conference meeting and a girl ran up to the clear doors wearing a Mardi Gras mask and flashed us. It was one of the best Whiskey Women meetings to date.]

Well, ladies… times, they are a-changin’.  And I’m here to tell you that it is time to learn how to drink whiskey.

We’re talking real whiskey.  Not whiskey shot at a bar and chased with Coke.  Not whiskey with OJ and grenadine and grapefruit juice and cranberry juice, and, sweet Jesus, just add the entire canister of sugar while you’re at it.  No, not that.

Just whiskey. Real whiskey. 

Here’s how you do it:

Invite your lady friends over.  Ask each gal to stop by their nearest and dearest spirits store to pick up a bottle of whiskey.  Any whiskey will do.  The point is to be exposed to something new.  Whether it is the one with the fancy label, the price point in their range, or the one that the hot store manager recommends.  It makes no matter…just buy the fucking whiskey.

And here is what you’ll need:

The Whiskey Women Tasting Score Sheet.

Small brown paper bags – one for each guest.

A gift for the declared winner of the tasting. I suggest a really kick-ass flask (we are pretty obsessed with the ones from our friends at Trixie and Milo).

Small spread of food (seafood, hard cheeses and spicy foods all pair well with whiskey).

Gather your gals together in a common area and follow the instructions. Or, hell, throw the damn rules away and just drink the whiskey.  It’s not like we follow the rules any other time.

The important part is already happening – you have a room full of badass women and a shit-ton of whiskey.


Ladies, there’s a new wave of women who are discovering the goodness of whiskey.

  Our grandpa’s would be so proud.