Rule No. 24

“Preserve some mystery, but never hide who you are.”

If you missed the event last night* first let me apologize. You’ve missed out on the event of the season and now you’ll just have to read about all the goodness there was to be had. For those of you who joined in, I want to congratulate you on your new treasures!

She Wore It Anyways teamed up with some The Whiskey Women to make pure magic. We hosted a giant clothing swap at the new collaborative work space, Society of Work. We also teamed up with the Nightingale Network to raise money for women’s charities here locally. The theme of the night was quickly apparent; Women empowering and inspiring women, right here in Chattanooga.

Chattanooga Whiskey supplied some spirits and Southern Sqweeze hooked us up with some amazing juices! Who knew fruit and whiskey was the perfect combo! Personally I was enjoying the Chattanooga Whiskey with some fresh ‘sqweezed’ pineapple and mint juice. It was so fun to experiment with the different juices and garnishes. Someone presented me with a special drink they had whipped up… Fireball Whiskey with the fresh apple cider! WHAT! Mind explosion… so good!

The way I see it last night was the perfect collaboration. The epitome of a real Whiskey Women. Who wouldn’t want to be a lady who

-works hard and collaborates with other talented people

-gives back to other women in her community

-knows the value of taking care of her body

-enjoys a good whiskey drink

-and feels confident while she WEARS IT ANYWAYS!

*Editors note: this event actually happening back in September. I forgot to post this article but the world needs to see it! Forgive me? xox AD